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This Summer with Comics…

This blog started out for a class, but it has morphed into so much more.

It got me talking with people about comics. And then I got involved.

This summer, I am working on a comics internship with Jason Lenox!

Yep, that guy I wrote about, that I met at Nittanycon, offered me the chance to work with him. I will be managing social media; getting the word out about his art in general and about the Kickstarter running this summer.

Speaking of which, here it is

Ugli Studios Presents: Volume 2


This is a chance to support 3 different artists, Brian Allen, Joseph Freistuhler, and Jason Lenox.

All with very different styles.

So, please check it out.


There is a second part to this post, what to expect in this blog, now that the class it was created for is over.

I will do weekly updates about comics, the odd ones, things outside DC and Marvel, outside the conventional superhero story.

I promise not to just try and sell this Kickstarter. I may do some posts about it, but those will be either in addition to the weekly post, or doing some in depth analysis of the work.

My goal after graduation is to work in the comics industry somehow. I am still a junior, so this I have some time, but I need to be thinking about this stuff.

To that end, I have some promises.

1. By summer’s end, I will write a comic script and post it here.

Right now, I have no idea how to do this, but I will research it, and make my own. And if I don’t….well, we will see.

2. And I will contact at least 5 publishers in the comics industry. No clue if anything will come of it, but at least I can ask what I should be working on if I want to work for them.

Alrighty folks, this is gonna be one weird, awesome summer.



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